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Student Performance and Dress Code

Dress code in educational institutions is a subject of extensive discussion. Several decades earlier, the dress code was obligatory only in parochial and private schools. Now many schools require students to wear it, arguing that it is a bail of progress in studying. Students do everything to oppose these policies and prove that the dress code only destroys their desire to attend school and learn new information. Many modern students lose the thirst for knowledge for many reasons, such as personal problems, conflicts, and enormous workload.
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Dress code isn’t the uniform, so it leaves students a choice of what to wear. It’s time to explore the ways how dress code influences student performance.

Dress code improves attendance

We all know that attending classes is the basis of success. One may argue and say that people can learn on their own; however, it relates mainly to adults. The problem of division between rich and poor that is existing in educational settings and stands out sharply. Adopting a dress code is a good way to solve it. Several studies conducted on this topic showed that student attendance in some schools increased after the implementation of the dress code. Those students whose financial status didn’t let them buy expensive clothes and look like the students from rich families started to feel equal and stopped skipping school.
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Dress code creates a special atmosphere

Students often forget about the discipline in school and classes, and it results in poor performance. Many things distract them, and many of these things are related to clothing. Implementation of the dress code helps students focus on academics and devote themselves to studying. Students stop thinking about the latest fashion trends and redirect their thoughts to what matters. But they still should have time to keep their mind off studying because sometimes it’s too difficult. The best way to get rid of the complicated assignments is to order them from custom writing services, such as Expert Writing. If you think that it’s illegal, read Expert Writing reviews and change your opinion.
And in general, the dress code promotes changes in student behavior, which leads to a more serious attitude to studying. Those students who are used to wearing the dress code have fewer troubles in further work. Moreover, the dress code lets students feel their belonging to their class and their school, and it’s very important. The cases of violence and mocking are rare. As a result, school starts to cause positive associations, and students become more attend it.
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